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It is our main dining room, and old stable. We have kept part of what it was traditionally so that it does not lose its charm.

Ample space where 130 seated people can fit.

Very suitable for big celebrations.


Our small dining room right at the entrance to the barrel area and cider house entrance, which maintains all its charm.

With cobbled walls and part of the machinery used in the past to make cider, this space can be used for medium-sized celebrations with a capacity of 60 people sitting.


Or the barrel area, where there is this dining room that some call ‘vip’ or exclusive, since it is between barrels, but at the same time separate. Completely soundproof, it can hold 60 people seated. With air conditioning to be at a pleasant temperature both in summer and winter.



Outside the sagardotegi, with an unbeatable orientation to the south, we find the beautiful terrace that is open between June and November (although there are years when it is extended). With a capacity of 35 people seated.


Meeting room

Meeting room



Family dining room



Also known as “Cider Space” or “SAGARDO GUNEA”, it has been recently renovated under bio-construction criteria, respecting the architecture and spaces of this farmhouse-cellar, and it has been designed for events, meetings and congresses.

This large space is divided into 3: PRESENTATION ROOM, FAMILY DINING ROOM and MACHINERY ROOM

It also has a ‘txoko’ for the preparation and service of APPETIZERS and LUNCH, as well as for TASTINGS. So everything is ready for the appreciated appetizers at meetings and events!

The main entrance to this space is from the small slope called “mandiyo”, access from where in the past everything necessary was brought up to the attic of the house: grass for cattle, apples for cider…

Also, to say, that this is a museum space where visitors can learn about the machinery and elements used in other times to make cider.


The largest, mainly for events, meetings and product/service presentations. It has a projector, and tables and chairs for different occasions. With capacity for 65 people seated and 120 standing.



A space where the furniture that has been in the Beobide family dining room since ancient times is kept, is very suitable for small gatherings, with a capacity for 8 people seated and 15 standing.


In the latter, the machinery used until recently, 2011 exactly, to make cider is kept in perfect condition. This space is suitable for medium-sized meetings, with a capacity of 40 people seated and 100 standing.