The first mention of María Iparragirre, which appears in the municipal archives of Hernani, dates back from in 16th century. IPARRAGIRRE like many other farmhouses and properties, has been leased for years, until it came into the hands of our grandfather ANTONIO BEOBIDE.

Today, the cider house is run by the third generation of the Beobide family, Antonio’s granddaughters, Ana and Arantza, with the help of their children, the fourth generation.

It is one of the Gothic farmhouses that were erected as a cider factory at the end of the XV century. Data that we have been able to find out, after comparing the architectural elements of the farmhouse, such as the oak beams that are more than 500 years old.

Own apple trees

Our organik apple trees contribute to
care for health and the environment

Taken care of in "Kupela"

We combine traditional knowledge and modern techniques.

Taste the txotx

Tradition of our land.

Enjoy it in the bottle

Euskal sagardoa, organic
natural cider (D.O.) from the Basque Country.

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We exclusively make NATURAL CIDER, specifically, THREE types of natural cider: IPARRAGIRRE, IPARRAGIRRE Euskal Sagardoa and BEOBIDE Ecologic Euskal Sagardoa.

Regarding the latter, it should be said that we have named it Beobide in honor to our mother (it was her last name) and all the women in the family for their work and effort.

Two of them adhere to the EUSKAL SAGARDOA Denomination of Origin, and all of them are made under the same philosophy: following an ancestral tradition and taking care of the environment that surrounds us.

All the apple varieties that we use in our production are local, and in total we use we use around 10 different varieties.

The type of apple that we use the most is the sour-bitter one, being the widely spread MOKO variety one of them, this being created by grafting carried out by our uncle Miguel Beobide.

Our products

Iparragirre natural cider

Its name comes from the name of the farmhouse itself, where our cider was born and took root.

IPARRAGIRRE natural cider made with preferred native or foreign apple varieties when they are scarce.

Natural cider made from a careful selection of sour, bitter and sweet apples. A perfect balance between aroma, freshness, flavor and character.

Iparragirre Basque Cider D.O.


Basque cider, made 100% with native apple, guaranteed and certified by Hazi’s Marketing and Certification unit.

Made with preferred apple varieties: acid, bitter, sweet and bitter acid: “moko”, “goikoetxe”, “txalaka”, “merabi”, “urtebitxiki”, “patzuloa”, “haritza”, “mantxoni, “urtebihaundi” , “pelestina”, “txori sagarra” …

Beobide Basque organic Cider. Natural cider from the Basque Country


“Beobide”, the surname of our mom, through her signature we honor and thank the women of Iparragirre for their dedication and effort, essential and central to its history, generation after generation.

Iparragirre Organic Apple Must


The Organic Apple Juice is a pasteurized juice that meets all the ecological requirements from the apple orchard to the bottle. It is a natural product made without added sugars. It is an alcohol-free product.