Beobide Iparragirre Basque organic cider J.D.

Beobide Iparragirre Basque organic cider J.D.

“Beobide” is our mother’s last name, and with this designation we want to honor and thank the dedication and effort of the women of Iparragirre, because they have been an essential support in Iparragirre’s history for generations.

Beobide Iparragirre Basque organic cider, guaranteed and verified by the ENEEK Organic Agriculture Regulatory Council and the Seed Marketing and Verification Unit.

Creating our natural cider with local organic apples is our constant commitment, in the most natural way possible, chemical fertilizers , excluding pesticides and any non-natural synthesis product.

Origin: 100% Basque apples, following the rules of organic farming, guaranteed by the Hazi foundation and the Eneek council.

Varieties: A selection of the best blend of local cider varieties; among others, the following stand out: “moko”, “goikoetxe”, “txalaka”, “merabi”, “urtebitxiki”, “mantxoni”, “urtebihaundi”. The apple varieties are selected according to the criterion of harmony between sourness and bitterness.

Elaboration: It is processed using traditional techniques, and special attention is paid to the manual separation of apples that may be in poor condition. Modern machines are used and strict hygiene is maintained. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature.< /p>


From the eyes: It has a beautiful behavior in the glass, with hundreds of fine bubbles that disappear immediately, and the walls are like cream they leave a light effect. Vibrant and bright amber colors.

From the nose: Intense and deep aroma, with hints of sour and ripe fruit perfectly combined.

From the mouth: Its freshness stands out as much as its character.It’s a fresh cider first, followed by an oiliness. a changes to the more complex flavors they give it. The sensation of freshness that the very fine carbonic gives is very interesting. Very lively and with a long memory.

Empty or supported? It is an ideal drink to drink empty, as a refreshment. He doesn’t neglect anything even when helping the food.

Temperature: It is recommended to serve between 10°-12°C.