Iparragirre Basque Cider J.D.

Iparragirre Basque Cider J.D.

Natural cider, made with 100% local apples. Guaranteed and verified by the Hazi Marketing and Verification unit.

The following apple varieties are prioritized in the processing: moko, gecocoetxe, chalaka, merabi, urtebitixi, patzuloa, haritza, mantxoni, urtebihaundi, palestina, bird apple…< /em>

Iparragirre Euskal Sagardoa J.D., guaranteed and verified by the Hazi Marketing and Verification unit.

Made with different types of apples selected according to composition. Others include: “moko”, “goikoetxe”, “txalaka”, “merabi”, “urtebitxiki”, “mantxoni”, “urtebihaundi”.

Origin: 100% Basque Country apples.

Varieties: It is based on the best mix of local apple varieties; among others, the following stand out: “moko”, “goikoetxe”, “txalaka”, “merabi”, “urtebitxiki”, “mantxoni”, “urtebihaundi”. The main criterion for selecting apple varieties is: the harmony between sourness and bitterness.

Elaboration: It is cultivated using traditional techniques, using modern machines and maintaining strict hygiene. Then fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature.

Alcohol level: 6 vol%.


From the eyes: It has a beautiful behavior in the glass. Hundreds of fine bubbles are created that disappear immediately, leaving a light cream-like effect on the walls.

It is slightly cloudy, being a natural product. It has an intense color, with very bright yellow and amber tones.

From the nose: It has a complex aroma, with hints of ripe fruit or compote. It also has hints of spices, which make it a very attractive product, due to the harmony between the aromas.

From the mouth: It stands out for its body and character. This cider envelops the mouth by awakening all the flavors. Bitter sensations, with a sour touch and even a slight mineral touch, without losing the freshness that comes with the burst of carbonation on the tongue. Very lively and with a long memory.

Empty or supported? It’s an ideal drink to drink empty, but it will also go well with food, especially red meat, blue fish, stews, fatty sauces and strong cheeses.

Temperature: 10°-12°C it is recommended to serve in the meantime.