Iparragirre natural cider

Iparragirre natural cider

The name comes from the name of the farm where our cider was created and rooted.

IPARRAGIRRE natural cider is made with different varieties of apples, preferably local ones, (or even foreign ones, when local ones are scarce.)

Natural cider made from carefully selected apples. Perfectly balanced aroma, freshness and character.

Varieties: A mixture of different varieties selected considering their physico-chemical and organoleptic characteristics.

Origin: Most, local; there are also outsiders, mainly from Normandy or Brittany.

Elaboration: It is produced using traditional techniques, using modern machines and maintaining strict hygiene. Then the fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature.

Alcohol level: 6% vol.


From the eyes: Its behavior in the glass stands out, because when it is broken, its natural carbon content is completely emulsified with the cider, creating numerous bubbles, very fine and which disappear immediately, leaving a light cream-like effect on the walls.

It is slightly cloudy, being a natural product. It has an intense color with very bright yellow and amber tones.

From the nose: Fruit aroma, floral hint, with hints of citrus. A deep and persistent fruity aroma.

From the mouth: It is sour and fresh at first, and then a little bitterness rounds it out, in this way, combining these three flavors, like a sweet cider. At the end it is pleasant in the mouth, with a long memory. Very elegant.

Empty or supported? It is an ideal drink to drink empty, as a refreshment. It is also an excellent accompaniment to food. He especially loves salads, fish, tortillas, white or red meat and all kinds of desserts.

Temperature: It is recommended to serve between 8 – 10 °C.